Starting a business

I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I knew that I would never stand to work for someone else for my whole life. Lack of action is catastrophic to success. Unfortunately, also something I've always struggled with. Hopefully documenting the trials and tribulations here will keep me going and inspire others.

I'm currently in the pre grind stage of my business. I am combing through suppliers and ordering samples before I place the larger order. I hope to accomplish this stage mid March if possible. Chinese new year should be planned every year as a blockage to your supplier. Missing out on nearly a month of inventory is bad. Another lesson in productivity learned. I should have had a product picked out already back in nov/dec but I froze.

I vow to take massive action! I must conquer this in order to survive.

Failure will only make you smarter. Learn from your mistakes and adapt to change.

For now I'll keep these short as there's nothing to report at the moment. Leave a comment if you have any stories or inspiration on first time entrepreneurs.