A new era, ACTION TIME

It is exciting to get things done! Productivity is a powerful motivato all by itself. The problem I think most people have, including me, is that we sometimes don't put enough effort in the beginning to maintain momentum when it comes to projects outside of my 9-5.

 Getting stuff done feels like this

Getting stuff done feels like this

From 2002-2015 I have bought several courses, programs, and classes that were supposed to be my ticket to financial freedom. I was motivated to watch the sales funnel videos, or webinars, and decided I was in! A few I kept up on schedule for 1 or two weeks, then got distracted and subsequently de-motivated to return and finish them. Obviously because of this I really can't blame the program and say they didn't work... I mean I just didn't put in the effort! 

Some of the courses even have sections on taking action! Even if it is just something small every day to work towards the end result. Even a 1 degree shift in parallel lines will cause them to eventually cross. Think about that for a second! If you set a goal, any goal, and just take baby steps every day toward it, you are essentially guaranteed to reach it in the future. That is pretty powerful stuff.  

This can be dramatically improved the more action you are willing to take of course. Action begets more action. I am realizing this more and more as my life passes by unchanged the last several years. Now that I am starting to take steps towards my goals I am starting to see the possibilities unfold. Setting a specific goal that is written down, or "dream boarded" will help a lot. I am bad at writing my goals down in a specific manner. 

I recently decided to reduce my bills by refinancing. Consolidating all of my debt into one mortgage payment was a great idea! I hadn't thought of it as a possibility so early in my first mortgage. Luckily my area has increased pretty drastically since I bought the house which allowed this to happen. I cut my bills in half and instantly the stress about making more than my bills went away.  

Even if refinancing isn't an option for you for whatever reason, you can still take steps to reduce your financial stress. There is lots of advice out there, and I am no financial advisor. (please consult yours)... Obviously paying off your top interest debts is the first priority. Then, if you can summon the will power to move the high debt payments to others you will be debt free in no time. There is also debt consolidation loans to consider, as well as a myriad of others to search for.

If you managed to stumble upon this post, hopefully you will be at least somewhat motivated to take action in your life. Whether it be towards financial independence, career goals, or anything! You can make it happen, bet on yourself this year!